Audio Lighting

Scenic Solutions offers a full range of Audio, Video, Lighting, and Event Design or what we refer to as “Technical Productions”. Lighting and sound can enhance the impact of your event more than anything else and is a vital part of the overall experience for your spectators or audience.

The biggest difference with Scenic and other AV and lighting companies is that Scenic is first and foremost a scenery builder. Our primary focus is to use lighting and visuals to help bring the imagery, sets, or event to life through the various technical aspects. Scenic specializes in providing a turnkey service for corporate events, conventions, trade shows, or specialty functions that go hand in hand with the development of your venue or ballroom.

Scenic is a full service company who can handle the creative design and development of the floor plan, and then will handle all aspects of the technical production of that plan. This will help your event production go more smoothly and helps your project turn out the way you envisioned it. Scenic has its own “in house” team of technical specialists with over 20 years of lighting, audio, and video production services. The Scenic team has produced nearly a thousand events and toured with major companies like Dell Computers, Chevron, British Petroliam, and even with CBS Sports for the Super Bowl.

Scenery Lighting

Scenic Solutions specializes in event lighting and creating lighting environments. This includes everything from the main stage to full interior lighting like walls and temporary overhead lighting. It includes kiosks, podiums, light boxes, and specialty displays. It also includes lighting for tradeshow booths or stores set up for your event. Scenic will also do specialty exterior lighting and spotlight or GOBO lighting design.

Audio and Video

Scenic Solutions provides sound reinforcement for your event. This includes all the microphones, sound systems, background music, sound effects and more. Scenic also provides all the screens and projections or video playback including implementation of your presentations. Do you need a camera crew for your event? Scenic Solutions will provide professional video recordings and IMAG (image magnification) for your event.