Are you looking to make your business stand out? Large format printing is one of our most popular services intended to take your visibility to the next level. These high-impact printing options are designed to catch your customer’s eye, both indoors and out. Some of our most popular options include: trade shows, banners, car wraps, and window clings. Keep reading to see how each of these can be customized and specialized for your business.

Scenic Solutions large format printing project for a museum


Trade shows provide a great opportunity to meet interested potential customers. You’re presented with a captive audience, and one that wants to be there. However, they’re going to see a lot of booths, and a lot of booths that blend together. With our options for trade shows, you can guarantee your booth will stand out. Entice the crowd with your brand, and bring them in for the sale when they are drawn to your booth.


Banner printing is one of our most common services provided. We can meet any sizing needs you have. Banners can be used for a small community event or to promote the opening of a new building. Meet with us and we can help you find the right size and specs for your banners.


Don’t want to have your advertising limited to one space? Car wraps are a great way to attract attention wherever you go! Our custom wraps can fit any type of car. Outfit your company fleet with car wraps, and you’re guaranteed to get more attention and find potential customers wherever you go.


Finally, our window clings are a great way to advertise on location. Are you right off the freeway? Window clings in the right location can attract a lot of attention. In addition, window clings are a very secure and long-lasting installation. You don’t have to worry about weather ruining your awesome designs!

These are just a few of our large format printing options. We pride ourselves in our exceptional quality and ability to customize and project to your needs. We promise to bring your vision to life, handling the entire project from conception to installation. Contact us today for a quote.