5 Ways To Prepare for Having a Booth at a Convention

5 Ways To Prepare for Having a Booth at a Convention


So you and your marketing team have decided to invest in a convention? You are ready to put in at least two, if not three days away from the office, employees, and clients. Well you better go prepared or its not going to be worth the hours you spend away from your business.

1 – Define goals of your booth

Are you going to use this opportunity to release a new campaign? Are you going to kick off a new product? Are you going to try to get as many referrals as possible? Each of these goals cannot be reached if you don’t plan ahead and come up with a strategy.

2 – Plan on how to achieve your goals with each type of visitor

You’re going to have hundreds of people stop by your booth. Its best if you have a conversation waiting for them once they get there. Determine the three most likely demographics to stop by your booth and prepare something for each. Example: You are a web development company that makes apps. You will get visits from 1) potential customers 2) other convention vendors and 3) people who do not need your services. If your goal is to get as many referrals as possible then you will want to to know how to get referrals from each type of visitor.

3 – It’s all about follow up

After spending all this effort getting hot leads at the trade show, you should have a fast and efficient way of following up with your contacts. After meeting several hundred people in such a short amount of time, make sure to take good notes when you collect their contact information. Immediately upload your new contacts to your email list and make plans on how and when to reach out to them directly after the show.

4- Remember, they came to buy

49% of trade show attendees come preparing to buy products or services at the show. For many industries the only place to meet many vendors face-to-face are yearly trade shows. Having a product launch, pre-sale, or wholesale discount available at the trade show could help generate enough revenue to pay for the costs of the booth. If you sell out of all your product at the trade show, you don’t have to haul it home!

5- Get out on the floor

Some of the best contacts you will meet will be other vendors. Find some time to walk the floor and meet your fellow exhibitors. Not only will you be able to make friends and exchange referrals, but you might just bump into attendees that had skipped your booth. Having some form of giveaway as you walk the floor can be another clever way to start conversations and meet attendees.


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