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Crafting Magic: The Giant Coke Can Confetti Cannon

For one of our projects we created was a giant Coke can that was actually a confetti cannon. We custom built the Coke bottle and then engineered a confetti cannon into it. On final countdown, confetti shot out over the audience. This was a creative piece that used multiple skill sets coming together. It was a fun and interactive grand opening for the World of Coca-Cola Museum.

Large print and confetti cannon for World of Coke Museum grand opening


At Scenic Solutions we bring your creative ideas to life! Our team of skilled craftsmen and artisans share a wide range of expertise in carpentry, steelwork, plastic molding, and more for your custom fabrication needs.

PGA Dell Matchplay Fanzone built by Scenic Solutions

When you have an idea, do you dream big? Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? We are too! Whether you have a trade show on the calendar and need an exhibit, or if you oversee set designs for live events or theater productions, we make the impossible become possible. Our commitment ensures that each project becomes a tangible manifestation of your unique vision. Specializing in both temporary and permanent exhibits, installations, custom fabrication services, and designs, we bring a comprehensive and tailored approach to every aspect of our work.

Our final products testify to the infinite possibilities that emerge when diverse skills converge, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that captivate and engage audiences. Your brand draws an audience. In cultivating an experience where imagination knows no bounds, we embark on a unique journey into uncharted, creative territory for each project. By crafting unique and unconventional creations, we empower you and your company to stand apart from the crowd. Now, it's time to turn your visionary ideas into tangible reality through our dedicated custom fabrication services.

Custom service project by Scenic Solutions

Breaking Boundaries With a Custom Trade Show Build

Here we customized a large tree at a trade show and attached a large screen to it. Visitors could look through an oval piece of polarized glass to see the content on the monitor. The interaction enveloped audiences, engaging them with "secret" content. Genius! We love seeing your creative ideas become a reality! 


Something magical happens when you work with a team that houses every specialty under one roof. Scenic Solutions is one of the few shops in the country that has options for painting, welding, carpentry, print, or design – we handle it all.


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