Vacuform wall panels

replicate without the weight

ADD THAT EXTRA OOMPH with Vacuform wall panels

In the realm of design for theaters, lobbies, and various spaces, achieving a refined aesthetic often involves overcoming challenges related to cost and weight. One innovative solution that we bring to the table is the art of vacuum forming. This process involves taking a sheet of plastic, heating it to a pliable state, and then molding it around a form to achieve a desired shape. This opens up endless possibilities for a fraction of the cost. 

Imagine the scenario where a lobby desires the timeless and classic appearance of brick or stone but is constrained by budget limitations and dealing with the weight associated with genuine materials. Vacuforming emerges as a cost-effective alternative, allowing the replication of intricate shapes and designs without the burden of the substantial weight and expense typically associated with stone, metals or other substrates.

All the aesthetics without the cost

The beauty of vacuum forming lies in its ability to recreate the look and feel of real materials with remarkable precision. Whether it's intricate architectural details, ornate moldings, or the rugged texture of stone, this process opens up a world of possibilities for achieving a high-end aesthetic without compromising on budget or weight constraints. We can create any texture to make your vision a reality.

The art of vacuform wall panels and vacuum forming serves as a bridge between aesthetic aspirations and practical considerations. It allows designers and architects to realize their visions without being encumbered by the limitations of traditional materials, offering a creative and resourceful solution that brings beauty and functionality together seamlessly. >> Start your project today.

Nike Elite Lebron wall with vacuform on for portholes by Scenic Solutions

Victory with Vacuform

Step into innovation with our Nike sneaker highlight. Here we created portholes using vacuform wall molds. Select portholes came to life featuring shoes illuminated with an array of colored lights to accentuate distinct shoe styles. Traditionally made from metal, portholes would be too heavy, making vacuform the ideal solution! This lightweight material enables the reality of creative ideas. The ambiance is enhanced with lights scattered throughout. At the center, we incorporated multiple monitors, seamlessly linked to form a singular image as desired by the company.

Vacuform Options and Ideas

We are not limited to the options below. We live in a world where anything is possible! Whatever the style, texture, or shape you need, we can build it.


Something magic happens when you work with a team that has everything under one roof. Scenic Solutions is one of the few shops in the country that keeps everything in-house. Whether it’s vacuform, paint, welding, carpentry, print, or design– we handle it all.


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